Zucchini spaghetti with smoked trout

A light tasty grain free alternative to regular pasta.  Providing protein, healthy fats and boosting your vegetable intake.


1 tblpsn extra virgin olive oil

1 onion halved and sliced

1 clove garlic minced

12 mushrooms sliced

½ red capsicum sliced

2 zucchinis topped & tailed

1 tbslpn parsley finely chopped

1 smoked rainbow trout

Himalayan salt & fresh ground pepper


Gently sauté onions, garlic, mushrooms and capsicum for 10 minutes

With a spiraliser process zucchini to form “spaghetti”.

Cut the rainbow trout from the head to tail down the centre

Peel back the skin and gently lift the flesh away from the spine and removing any bones along the edges as well.

Gently fold the trout and zucchini spaghetti through the sautéed vegetables until warmed through, approximately 2-3 minutes.

Serving Suggestion

With a pasta spoon dish up the mixture into shallow bowl plates and serve immediately.




Chicken San Chow Bau

San Chow Bau

Serves 2-4


500g chicken mince

2 tspns ginger

1 medium red chilli – remove seeds and dice finely

2 tspns macadamia oil

½ red capsicum diced

1 carrot julienned

handful of swiss brown mushrooms quartered

½ small tin chestnuts cut into matchsticks

2 eschallots (green spring onions) sliced into small portions

1 bag of Chinese bean sprouts

2 tblspns oyster sauce

1 tblspn tamari

½ lime juiced

1 coriander plant chopped

iceberg lettuce leaves

2 tblspns cashews


Saute chicken mince in oil until cooked approximately 5 mins

Add onion, ginger, capsicum, carrot and mushrooms stir through and cook for 5 mins

Mix sauces and lime juice together

Add eschallots, chestnuts, chilli and bean sprouts to pan and combine well

Add sauces and mix through quickly

Remove from heat and stir through coriander

Place in serving bowl and top with chopped dry roasted cashews

Spoon into lettuce cups and serve immediately.


If nightshade free, replace red capsicum and chilli with diced red radish.  Check sauces if gluten free.

Try snow pea sprouts instead of bean sprouts


Maple syrup & cinnamon spiced grain free muesli

Paleo friendly, gluten free, grain free muesli.
Paleo friendly, gluten free, grain free muesl

Coeliac, gluten intolerant, paleo, avoiding grains or eating less carbs but still enjoy cereal for breakfast then this one is for you.  So satisying you won’t need much.Ingredients

2 cups of almonds (with skin on)

1 cup of macadamia nuts

1 cup Brazil nuts

1 cup of pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

1 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup of almond or hazlenut meal

1/2 cup flaxseeds (linseeds)

2 cups of shredded or coconut flakes (or 1 cup of each)

1 teaspoon natural vanilla essence

½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder

½ cup organic maple syrup (or less)

225g of butter or expeller pressed coconut oil if dairy free


Roughly chop all nuts

Mix dry ingredients together

Melt butter (or oil) with maple syrup

Mix liquid with dry ingredients

Spread evenly across a baking tray and bake at 180oC for approximately 30mins stirring every 10mins.

When evenly browned remove from oven and allow to cool.

Keep an eye on mixture so that it doesn’t burn.

Poached pears with sheep's yoghurt grain free crunchy granola & blueberries
Poached pears with sheep’s yoghurt grain free crunchy granola & blueberries

Serving Suggestion

As this dish is high in protein, fibre & good fats you will only need a tablespoon of this muesli sprinkled over some yoghurt and some fresh or poached fruit to zoom through your day.  Stewed apples are a great prebiotic to boost your healthy gut bacteria too.


Try a variety of nuts & seeds each time you make it.

Treat the kids or yourself and add a tablespoon or two of raw cacao powder, it’s packed with antioxidants.

Nutrient boosting tip

Soak nuts & seeds in filtered water overnight for 24hrs. Drain & allow to dry slowly in very low heat oven.  Soaking breaks down the phytic acid allowing more of the mineral content of the nuts and seeds to be absorbed. Just 3-4 brazil nuts per day will give you your daily allowance of selenium a powerful antioxidant and vital nutrient for thyroid health.


Boosting your nutrient intake by powering up your burger patties.

Juicy Healthy Hamburger Patties     IMG_2702

Fussy kids?  Serve them these nutrient dense meat patties packed with vegetables.  They’ll love them.

Protein rich lamb is avery good source of  zinc, vitamin B12, as well as vitamins B1,2,6 and iron.  The veges power boost these patties with fibre, folate, magnesium, more iron,  vitamins A, C & K.  These  patties are a whole meal on their own so even if you can’t get your kids to eat the rest of their plate they’ll be well nourished.


500g lamb mince

1 medium beetroot peeled & grated

2 carrots peeled & grated

1 large onion grated

1 zucchini grated

2 kale leaves finely shredded

2 cloves garlic minced

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley

1 tablespoon chopped fresh marjoram

1 egg

Himalayan salt & cracked pepper seasoning


Polenta to coat (if desired)



Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well together.

I find squishing it all together with clean hands is best.

Use a dessertspoon to scoop out patty mixture and shape into a patty.

If desired coat with polenta to give a crunchy gluten free coating (optional).

Place on baking paper on a tray and cook under the griller, turning once, approximately five mintues each side.

Alternatively cook in a non stick pan.

Serving SuggestionHealthy lamb burger patty with salad and fermented carrot kraut

Serve in a burger bun with salad or on a plate with your favourite salad or steamed vegetables.  Great for the school lunch box too.


Try with different types of mince, beef, chicken and other vegetable combinations, grated raw sweet potato, parsnip, capsicum, mashed peas.


Tasty fresh tuna

Fresh Tuna Stir fry with Rocket, Basil & Pepper

Rich in brain food, omega 3 oils, tuna is also a great source of Vits B1, 3, 6 and selenium.  This tasty dish is fresh and light and will satisfy the whole family.  Even kids who don’t like fish have eaten this dish thinking it was chicken and loved it!

Serves 2-3


1 250g piece fresh tuna cut into 2-3cm cubes

1 tspn extra virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic finely chopped

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1tblspn fresh oregano chopped

1 sliced brown onions

1 large sliced zucchini

1/3 red pepper sliced

1/8 cup lemon juice

1 clove garlic finely chopped

cracked black peppercorns to taste

1 tspn salt reduced tamari (like soy sauce)

1 tspn Mirin  (Tamari, Mirin available from Health Food store)

1 tblspn chopped basil

Bunch or good handfull of rocket

1 tspn pine nuts


Combine olive oil, juice, oregano, garlic & toss tuna cubes in mixture & marinade whilst cutting up vegetables.

Lightly spray wok with olive oil. Add a tablesppon of water and cook marinated tuna quickly, browning on a couple of sides then remove.

Add onions, zucchini, red pepper & stir fry for a few minutes.  Add back tuna extra juice, tamari, mirin and garlic.

Take off heat and add basil & rocket just before serving and stir through.

Serve immediately, sprinkled with pine nuts (grill nuts to brown if desired).


If you who don’t like the peppery taste of rocket, you can use baby spinach leaves or serve on a bed of lettuce .

For a more filling meal serve with brown rice or another grain, e.g. quinoa or barley.