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Welcome to about nutrition

How do you feel today?

How will you feel in 20 years time?

Optimising your health is my priority.

It’s amazing what I hear clients live with accepting feeling suboptimal is “just the way it is” or “Oh well, it’s part of getting older.”  But that is a MYTH!  You can feel and look better.

Digestive complaints?  Almost every second person who comes to me wanting to lose weight or stop their energy slumps live with bloating, wind or bowel issues and just live with it. Once they sort them out, the weight starts to shift and the energy rises.

Brain fog, mood issues and anxiety can be drastically affected or improved by what and how your eat.

Headaches?  We all get them, right?  Well yes they may happen but they are not normal.  It means something is out of whack, whether it’s dehydration, tension, or a deficiency.

All the bits of your body – brain, belly, bowels, digestion, hormones, muscles and joints and all inextricably linked.  When you discover the right way to eat for your body and lifestyle you can find that symptoms you experience in ANY of these parts seemingly melt away.

At your primary consultation you will begin to understand this connection and I record all the “usual” but “not normal” symptoms you experience.  As we work together to fine tune your eating and lifestyle, Clients are often surprised when we review this list.  Typically client comments will be like “Oh yes that’s right I’ve only had one headache this month when I was getting 3 & 4 each week”  or “All my joint pain has gone!! I haven’t slept so well since I can remember.” 

Feeling Fabulous

Do you want to just “exist” or do you really want to get the most out of every day?  

I love what I do.  I truly do.  Call me selfish but seeing my clients transform into healthier happier people who are in control makes my day.  

So if your tired of how you feel, contact me today for a free 15 minute consultation.  

Email with your best contact number and I’ll call back at a time that suits you.  

Nominate your preferred time: morning, afternoon or evenings.

Recharge your batteries and slim down too!

Time to draw a line in the sand and make a difference to how you feel?

Kick starting with a cleanse is a great way to reboot and shift out old bad habits and desires and replace with good habits.  You’ll lose that sludgy weight that’s been making you’ll feel yuk plus other benefits.  

Here’s what Nicole sent after a 2 week cleanse.


I’m feeling amazing! Yes definitely more energetic and I notice walking in the mornings I am no where near as stiff – inflammation is down heaps too.

I have had zero caffeine the whole time and only one alcohol day so for me this is a miracle.

The other day someone put a coffee in front of me and I tipped it down the sink – I didn’t feel like it!!

Would love to start making little treats / paleo bread soon and I’m missing the occasional glass of red but that’s usually after a stressful day of work.

Feeling great though so thank you 😊

N.C. Potts Point

A few days later Nicole’s consult, revealed she had melted away 3 kgs (6.5 lbs) and 7cms (3″) around the middle.

Nicole also said she had more energy, no pain in her hips when exercising and able to walk faster. She was also surprised by how much she enjoyed the recipes.

Nicole also mentioned that her skin was softer and had noticed her eyes were brighter.

And this was Michelle’s experience who wanted to lose 5 kgs.
I’m writing this on day 21 of the cleanse and working with Susan, we are in the process of gradually reintroducing food.My experienced over the last 21 days surprises and delights me as it the impact has been so multifaceted, it’s addressed gaps in my wellbeing that I really wasn’t conscious of. Through out I have had sustained  high level of energy throughout the day and find that I’m eating, exercising and resting more intuitively – eating simply has removed assortment of clutter. I’m feeling very centred and balanced, with much improved concentration and focus, in conversations I know that I’m much more present.  I have lost more than 2.5 kilos in body fat, am feeling much stronger and have increased flexibility. 
Susan’s support and guidance is characterised with enabling with education, flexibility and optionality. She provides a very tailored approach with realistic expectations, with the intent of the cleanses being to recalibrate not to adopt all aspects permanently. Many of the elements are sustainable, and as I have recalibrated I’ve also gained much greater awareness of what I was doing habitually without consideration of is this actually what I want/need? I genuinely feel set up for a successful, happy and well year. 

Michelle has continued reintroducing and adopting a better way of eating for what her body needs and one month after starting the cleanse she has lost 3.8kgs and is well on her way to achieving her goal weight.


Many people will do a cleanse for a period and then go back to old habits. If too drastic a change, people may feel even worse and pile on more kilos.
I mentor my clients through the process, easing out of the cleanse gradually reintroducing other foods in a safe and healthy manner so eating patterns are ramped up and power boosted to a healthier more vibrant level.
If this sounds like just what you’re after or even if a cleanse is daunting for you and you need a softer approach,

Contact me now at susan@aboutnutrition or text me on 0412 036476 for a 15 minute free telephone consultation.

Let me know if you prefer to be contacted in the morning, afternoon or evening.
Looking forward to speaking with soon.

Dragging yourself through the day ?

“I came to see Susan after many years suffering with chronic low iron levels. I was always tired, lethargic, pale and slumped mid-afternoon. I know I needed to improve my diet. Susan listened patiently and took notes detailing my health and lifestyle history. She gave health solutions that were realistic and that I could follow and incorporate into my life. Writing a food diary was eye-opening and made me really think about my intake of food, quality of sleep, exercise and emotions and how that all affects my day-to-day life. Susan has given me an abundance of information on how to improve my health, not only via eating nutritious foods but also in regards to dealing with stress. After just 2 weeks I felt so much better and continue to do so!”

Martha – Croydon Park

Do you feel like you are running on half empty?  Your not alone and even though this is a common problem there is something you can do about it. Often simple dietary and lifestyle changes can make an enormous difference to how you feel.  

Did you know that you could be eating a really healthy diet but what, when and how you eat your food could be drastically impacting on whether your body can make energy from the food.  Rather you may be not absorbing the nutrients you need to feel happy and energetic and on top of that you may be inadvertantly directing food to be stored (think more FAT).

If this is ringing bells for you and you’re ready to feel energised again, contact us for a 15minute free phone consultation.
Email with your phone number and preferred time to call, morning, afternoon or early evening.

Allicin rich immune boosting garlic

Allicin rich immune boosting garlic

Immunity Challenges ?

“I began to see Susan Kath about several months ago. As a performer it was essential to be in the best of health and rely on my voice for singing and speaking. My immune system was very weak, I was constantly getting colds, sore throats and even tonsilitis! I was tired and lacking in energy. After my first consultation with Susan I had so many solutions, remedies and recipes even to help me boost my immune system and my general health and well being. In the first two weeks after my consultation I instantly felt 110% better. The best thing for me is that now if I do get a cold or feel a sore throat coming on I have a solution to act on it straight away and feel better in 5 minutes rather than taking time to rest. I have so much energy, I wake up feeling refreshed and I have lost a few kilos as well! Knowing what is going on in your body is so empowering and really gave me a new out look on eating, exercise, health and life in general!”

H. B. Balmain

Constantly getting colds & flus  or just feeling rundown?  

Immunity starts in the gut. Get fighting fit for Winter now. Book a 60minute consultation and we’ll give you an immune boosting supplement for FREE.

Phone now on 1300 909676 or email Susan directly on

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Lost your smile :(?

Are you in a funk?  

Lost your mojo and wondering what it’s all about?  

Exhausted, stressed and dragging yourself through the day with an insurmoutable moutain of things that need your attention but maintaining an image that you’ve got it all under control?

Hate the image reflecting back to you in the mirror?

Have you reached that point where enough is enough and you’re ready to embrace change?

I LOVE a challenge and work with exhausted stressed Women everyday who are amazing at what they achieve in business and with loved ones whilst feeling like they are running on empty with nothing left for themselves.

There is a way back to reclaiming your life, energy and happiness and the goal of About Nutrition is to help you find the right path for you and your lifestyle to find that path.

How many times have you set goals, succeeded for a while but then reverted back to the place you were at the beginning?  

Let’s face it maintaining goals is tough and willpower on it’s own rarely succeeds.   Accountability and mentoring, having your own cheer squad and guidance can make all the difference.  

Susan Kath Profile shot

My goal is to help you find your path to wellness……………… NOT mine or whatever fad is currently out there but the right one for YOU.

Don’t just listen to me here is what some of my clients have said

“For Susan,

To those of you out there who have been harbouring the delights of a long term chronic health condition and have been led to believe that there is no hope to find a path back to health and vitality with the only options served up to you are removing body parts and being told time and time again by ‘professionals’  this is as good as it gets! I ask that you consider this………never quit! If your health is compromised by illness or you have become unhealthy in life, give yourself and your health the greatest gift, go and work with Susan Kath.

After being struck down with a serious and life threatening illness 12 yrs ago,  my life and health was stripped of its vitality, i became a mere shadow of my former self. Years of searching for the way to regain my health  was all but lost! Then i found Susan, who has worked with me on my health issues  for the last 8 or 9 months. OMG!! I can’t thank her enough for the progress and changes that have taken place.

The expertise and education i have received from Susan on the road to recovery has been outstanding! There is still plenty to do and i am excited! I haven’t been this well in 12 yrs. I used to be a marathon runner and mountaineer, i thought that part of my life was over forever and now I am getting excited at the prospect that i can once again follow my passion in life…. Adventure!

Thankyou Susan, you have a wonderful gift to offer the world. I am so grateful i found you! A true professional!  

Jane” Business Owner

When I asked my clients “do you feel happier when following the recommendations and achieving some success?”  this is some of the responses received:

“Yes, I felt I needed someone to advise and monitor what I was eating and doing which helped me to keep on track.  I felt good about finally doing something to improve my weight, health and wellbeing. ”  J.S.

“Happy to say yes.  I was happier when following recommendations & achieving some success.  When I lost that weight, I had more energy & was very happy to fit into the clothes I wanted.    It gave more more confidence about my appearance and improved my self-esteem.        Thank you Susan!”

“ABSOLUTELY”  If yes did the change extend into other parts of your life apart from your health or how you looked? ” YES….SHOWED ME THAT WITH DICIPLINE AND WILLPOWER GOALS CAN BE ACHIEVED.” C.C.

“Absolutely yes! I feel our sessions put my health on the right track.  My weight is consistent, the herbs have also been helpful.”  C.P.

“Yes! I learnt how to incorporate more quality food into my diet every day which has helped me maintain a healthy weight.” A.C.

“Yes it very much did. I feel everything ran smoother when keeping with your diet.” (All chronic gastrointestinal issues in remission) Bryce Roberts,  Actor.


Fit active and healthy

Fit active and healthy

How many diets have you been on only to find the kilos creeping back on AGAIN?

Visualise yourself loving your body shape and never dieting ever again.

About Nutrition helps you to understand that long term weight management is about learning how you can have your cake and eat it too but in a way that suits your body.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to be in control of your weight and health for life.  You and unique and your needs are too.

About Nutrition focuses on providing you with the power to take back control of your weight and health that will sustain you for life.


Motivated to be healthy but not getting any better?  Confused by all the information available?

A simple test can now unlock your personal health code.

Sometimes it seems you may believe you are doing everything right but nothing seems to improve your health or to lose weight.  You may even be feeling worse.  There may be hidden factors that are influencing how your body is reacting to your food and lifestyle choices.

One factor may be your jeans………..I mean genes and now you have the ability to discover what these may be.


No Blood Collection or other nasty tests.  Just a simple sample of saliva.

Nutrigenomics tests allow you to discover your individual nutritional requirements to optimise your health and help you understand weight management. This enables your personalised eating & lifestyle advice to be stepped up to a whole new level.

The results allow  us to identify exactly what areas of health need support or where you may need to modify your eating habits to reduce your risk of diseases.

This amazing window into your health means that you can discover how you lose or put on weight, which foods will optimise your health, slow aging and  live well throughout your life.

You may be health conscious and watch what you eat and use nutritional supplements but you may actually be taking something that is actually causing you harm.  With the report you can target exactly which supplements (if any) you may need and stop wasting your money on those you don’t need.

Are YOU wanting to :
  • Increase your energy ?
  • Improve your mood ?
  • Lose or gain weight ?
  • Improve your health ?
  • Manage stress better ?
  • Resolve digestive issues?
  • Overcome hormone imbalances?
  • Optimise fertility ?
  • Eat more healthily ?
  • Learn about food and nutrition ?
  • Be inspired to cook delicious healthy meals ?
  • Discover the joy of eating well and healthily ?

What you eat affects all aspects of your   Health :  Vitality  :  Wellbeing

Learn to love food and your body at the same time

about nutrition

works with YOU

to create individual food

lifestyle and treatment plans

specifically designed to suit YOUR GOALS.

Do you have specific dietary requirements?

If you’re on a restricted diet let us inspire YOU by introducing new foods and delicious recipes.

Contact us NOW to make an appointment to start on the path to a healthier happier life.

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