Greek roast chicken

Lemony Greek Roast Chicken

Lemony Greek Roast Chicken

Serves 2


1.8g whole free range or organic chicken

½ lemon juiced

1 tspn dried oregano

1 clove garlic peeled and squashed with the flat of a knife

Himalayan salt & freshly ground black pepper

Macadamia oil


Preheat oven to 1800C

Open chicken packaging and place chicken on a plate

Use paper towel to pat dry inside and out

If there is excess chicken fat around the opening cut off and throw away.

Stab chicken all over with a fork

Rub all over with macadamia oil

Squeeze lemon juice over

Insert lemon peel and garlic inside the chicken

Sprinkle on oregano salt & pepper

Place chicken breast side down into backing dish

Cook for approx. 30-40 mins until starting to brown

Turn the chicken over breast side up and continue to cook

Chicken should be cooked in about 1.5 hrs.

Insert a fork into the joint between the leg/thigh and body of chicken.  When juices run clear the chicken is cooked.

Gravy made from scratch is easy and tasted great.

Drain off any excess fat apart from 1 tablespoon and retain chicen juices.

Sprinkle on 1 tblspn of flour and mix with the fat and pan juices cooking at low temperature for about 2 mins.

Add 1 tblspn French Dijon mustard and mix in.

Gradually add vegetable water from steamed vegetables to prevent lumps from being formed.

Allow to boil to thicken add a little more stock until the gravy is the consistency you desire.

Serving suggestions

Serve with salad or steamed vegetables.

You can also roast some vegetables to serve in addition to the steamed veges.

Try scrubbed sweet potato, potatoes, Jap pumpkin with skin on, whole onions, zucchini, beetroot, parsnip etc. whatever you like. Lightly brush the veges with macadamia oil and squeeze over juice herbs, salt & pepper.

Make extra roast veges that you can toss into a salad for another satisfying meal.



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