Boosting your nutrient intake by powering up your burger patties.

Juicy Healthy Hamburger Patties     IMG_2702

Fussy kids?  Serve them these nutrient dense meat patties packed with vegetables.  They’ll love them.

Protein rich lamb is avery good source of  zinc, vitamin B12, as well as vitamins B1,2,6 and iron.  The veges power boost these patties with fibre, folate, magnesium, more iron,  vitamins A, C & K.  These  patties are a whole meal on their own so even if you can’t get your kids to eat the rest of their plate they’ll be well nourished.


500g lamb mince

1 medium beetroot peeled & grated

2 carrots peeled & grated

1 large onion grated

1 zucchini grated

2 kale leaves finely shredded

2 cloves garlic minced

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley

1 tablespoon chopped fresh marjoram

1 egg

Himalayan salt & cracked pepper seasoning


Polenta to coat (if desired)



Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well together.

I find squishing it all together with clean hands is best.

Use a dessertspoon to scoop out patty mixture and shape into a patty.

If desired coat with polenta to give a crunchy gluten free coating (optional).

Place on baking paper on a tray and cook under the griller, turning once, approximately five mintues each side.

Alternatively cook in a non stick pan.

Serving SuggestionHealthy lamb burger patty with salad and fermented carrot kraut

Serve in a burger bun with salad or on a plate with your favourite salad or steamed vegetables.  Great for the school lunch box too.


Try with different types of mince, beef, chicken and other vegetable combinations, grated raw sweet potato, parsnip, capsicum, mashed peas.

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