Quick leftovers lunch idea

Snapper curly kale salad

Snapper curly kale salad

Looking for quick lunch ideas.  I always like to cook double for dinner so a lunch can be quickly prepared the next day.  This salad took about 10mins to prepare.  Easier than takeaway!

Speed up prep time by adding a mandolin to your kitchen utensils as it allows super quick preparation of veggies, slicing or juilienning in various thicknesses in no time.  (Just watch your fingers and use the guard as the blades are super sharp!!!)

This recipe uses a leftover fillet of snapper cooked panfried with grated ginger and turmeric.


1 snapper fillet (or other reasonably firm fleshed fish)

2 curly kale leaves

1 handful of rocket leaves

1/2 carrot peeled

2 eschallots green & white part

1/4 capsicum (red pepper)

Sprinkle dulse flakes (dried seaweed)

1 tblspn Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

1 lime juiced


Cut fish into bite size pieces

Wash and dry leaves, remove tough stem of kale leaves and roughly chop

Julienne carrots (chop into matchsticks)

Chop capsicum

Combine all ingredients in a bowl

Sprinkle with dulse flakes, quality salt and pepper

Dress with EVOO and lime juice and toss well.

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