Barley Bliss – The Low GI prebiotic grain that helps keeps your cholesterol balance.

Barley is a good source of manganese, which helps your body use key nutrients to keep you hair shiny, bones strong and promotes optimal thyroid function.  This mineral also helps your body to make cholesterol if too low, and with barley’s  high fibre intake will reduce your cholesterol if too high.

Although it is often viewed as an old fashioned rather dowdy grain here is a recipe that is very tasty and impressive. Great as an entree for a dinner party. Enjoy any left over tabouli for lunch the next day.

Barley Tabouli with spiced prawns

Serves 2


200g pearl barley

1 cinnamon stick

1 lemon juiced

½  tblspn extra virgin olive oil

½  tblspn flaxseed oil

2 tspns grnd cumin

1 tspn sea salt

cracked black pepper

1 cup fresh coriander leaves chopped

2 cups flat leaf parsley chopped

3 cups watercress coarsely chopped

1 spanish onion finely sliced

2 stalks of celery including the leaves finely chopped

½ cup roughly chopped almonds (with skins on) toasted under grill until browned

200g natural yoghurt/person

8 large green prawns shelled (leave tails on) & deveined / person

1 tblspn lemon juice

1 tbspn sumac

1 tspn grnd cumin

1 lemon zested (rind finely grated)

2 red chillies finely chopped


Put barley in saucepan, with cinnamon covered with water. Bring to the boil & cook for 20-30mins or until tender. Drain & add lemon juice, olive & flaxseed oils, cumin & salt & stir together.  Add coriander, parsley, watercress, onion, celery  & ½ of almonds. Mix together.

Mix together sumac, cumin, lemon zest & chillies.

Simmer prawns for 2 mins (or until they just change colour) in boiling salted water with lemon juice added. Drain & lightly coat with flaxseed oil & dip into sumac mixture.

Spread yoghurt on each plate & top with tabouli.  Arrange prawns on top of tabouli & sprinkle with remaining almonds.

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