Garlicky chicken with fennel & minted peas

Garlicky chicken with fennel and minted peas

chicken with fennel & minted peas

This is a great one pot wonder.  You can even throw in some sliced potatoes as well to skip needing any side dishes to serve.


1.8kg Organic chicken

2 whole heads of garlic halved

1-2 baby fennel thickly sliced about 1 cm top to bottom

½ cup of chicken stock

250g (1 cup) peas

handful of mint leaves

1 tablespoon olive oil

Salt & pepper to season


Preheat oven 190oC (390oF)  fan forced

Brush the bottom of the dish with a little of the oil

Put everything together (except peas and mint)…in a big roasting dish

Drizzle over the rest of the olive oil

Take peas out of freezer so they are not too cold

Season with Himalayan salt and pepper

Put in oven for 50 min with the lid on

Then stir in peas and mint

Cook for another 10 mins with lid on

Then take off lid and turn up heat to 200oC for another 10-20mins to brown top of chicken if desired (we were too hungry to wait too long 🙂

Check that chicken is cooked by piercing at the thigh bone.  If juices are clear it’s ready to serve.   Place the chicken on a serving plate and pile the veges over to serve.

Serving Suggestion

Delicious served with sweet potato mash to soak up all the lovely juices and a fresh green leaf salad.


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