Boosting Brain Performance

Discover hidden bacteria that may cause your “brain fog”.

Are you experiencing difficulty concentrating, getting distracted and not taking in what you are reading? Listening but not really hearing or finding you can’t even seem to remember a telephone number in one go?

You fumble through your day, knowing your not performing at your best but are fearful of what’s happening to your mind and too ashamed to let anyone. You may be thinking that this is your normal now and “just part of getting older and something you have to live with” or maybe a symptom of menopause or something even scarier.

However, these symptoms that are often described as “brain fog”, may be caused from an overgrowth of bacteria in your gut, with or without digestive or bowel symptoms .

In just a few weeks of treatment, you realise that the fog is clearing, your mental ability improves and you rediscover a clarity of mind and an ability to really perform again.

If you think this may be you and want to know more, contact us to book in for a complimentary 15 minute phone or skype call.

You may be thinking, what has bacteria in my gut got to do with my brain?

Your gut health and your brain are intrinsically linked, firstly by the vagal nerve that sends messages from the brain to the gut but also in reverse. Secondly, because your digestive system effectively creates a barrier between what passes into your actual body and the external environment.  When the gut is compromised by an imbalance in bacteria, substances normally partitioned in the gut may leak through and cross the BBB (blood brain barrier).

We have trillions of bacteria living in and on us and are essential for optimal health. When in the right balance you perform better.  They produce energy and nutrients, and acids to keep our cells healthy and fueled and even improve our mood.

However they also produce substances that can, if produced in large amounts cause inflammation in the gut, disrupting the balance and production of helpful substances. LPS (lipopolysachharides), produced by certain bacteria, is one of these potentially toxic substances when produced in quantity.  They compromise the gut wall and can enter the blood stream, causing inflammation throughout, causing a range of symptoms and when they cross the BBB interfere with your brain function.  There are also some bacteria, e.g Streptococci, when overgrown correlate with brain and sleep issues.

If you want to know how to fix this problem,  read on……………

There’s a couple of steps to be taken to discover if this may the cause.

1. Get a CSA (comprehensive stool analysis). This is not the stool test your normal GP will request that is looking for parasites. This is a functional test that can be organized by a naturopathically trained practitioner. It looks at the levels of your normal bacteria as well as presence of overgrown yeasts or parasites.

2. Dietary and supplement treatment plan. The CSA, along with assessing your symptoms will help inform your practitioner as to what is the best treatment protocol for you. The treatment protocol normally includes a specific eating plan and supplements to reduce the levels or overgrown bacteria, promote the flourishing of beneficial bacteria and repair any damage to the gut to prevent any further leakage of LPS.

We’re happy to discuss your particular situation to give you more direction.  Contact us to book a 15 minute free consultation and lift the veil on brain fog.

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