Gluten & dairy free crepes

avocado, cucmber, tomato & rocket crepe

Crepes – Gluten & Dairy free    

Do you love crepes but have gluten and/or dairy intolerance issues.  Here’s a  recipe is based on traditional Breton crepe  but modified to remove dairy and gluten products.  Works a treat.  Check out our other blog with some filling ideas

Makes 6-8 crepes


125g of  Buckwheat pancake mix (Orgran)

or 50% stoneground buckwheat flour, 20% brown rice flour,  15% tapioca flour,15% corn flour,

2 large free range eggs

250 ml of rice milk

1 pinch of salt

25g of coconut oil

50 ml of water


In a bowl break the eggs and mix well with a mix master or a fork

Gradually add flour & salt whisking them together with the eggs.

Then add the milk, sugar and water while beating with a whisk to avoid lumps forming.

Finally add melted butter.

Allow the batter to rest for 30 minutes.

Heat nonstick crepe pan. Add a a drizzle of coconut oil to lightly coat the pan. Pour enough batter to lightly cover the pan, about 2mm thick.

Turn with a large flipper or spatula after a couple of minutes when first side is light brown.

If adding fillings whilst cooking add items requiring more cooking first then top with other items on one half of crepe.   Fold over in half.  Continue to cook then flip over to other side until browned.  Serve immediately.

If cooking for later use or to have with cold fillings cook other side for the same time.

Remove to plate for serving or store in a sealed container for up to three days.

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