Healthy French Crepes

Healthy french crepes

Mixed poached berry crepe with maple syrup sweetened quark

This recipe is based on a traditional Breton crepe recipe but with a slightly healthier approach.  Rapidura is made from evaporated sugar cane juice and is healthier than regular sugar as the plant minerals are retained.  Crepes are a healthier option to pancakes as the balance is weighted more towards the filling and eating less batter.

(Can be eaten warm or cold and keeps for a few days in a sealed container)

Makes 6-8 crepes


125g of  plain flour (wholemeal)

2 large free range eggs

250 ml of low fat milk

1 pinch of salt

25g of organic butter

50 ml of water

1 soup spoon of rapidura– omit if making savoury crepes



Break eggs into a bowl and mix well with a mix master or a fork

Gradually add flour & salt whisking them together with the eggs.

Then gradually add the milk, water and rapidura (optional) while whisking continuously to avoid lumps forming.

Finally add melted butter.

Allow the batter to rest for 30 minutes.

Heat non stick crepe pan. Add a knob of butter and then pour enough batter to lightly cover the pan, about 2mm thick.

Turn with a large flipper or spatula.



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