Thai Beef Salad

A healthy balanced meal including Beef

Including a small amount of lean beef in your diet can really boost nutrients.

Choose grass fed free range beef that is free of any growth promotants.

Apart from being an excellent protein source, beef is incredibly rich in Vitamins B3 (niacin), B6 & B12, important for nerve health zinc and selenium and a great source of iron.

Low levels of selenium have been observed in women suffering from postnatal depression.  What you don’t need is large slabs of beef in your meals.

This recipe also provides you lots of nutrients and fibre from all the fresh vegetables that make up the majority of the meal and the beef will enhance the absorption of non-haeme iron found in these foods.

The Cancer Institute recommends eating red meat less than three times per week.

Thai Beef Salad

Serves 4


200g thinly sliced grass fed rare roast beef

½ packet Chinese bean sprouts

1 carrot peeled & remove base

½ red capsicum quartered

½ Spanish onion quartered

2 green eschallots

1 Lebanese cucumber quartered lengthwise

1 bunch of coriander leaves & stalks (sml handful) – discard root

1 small handful of mint leaves

1 medium red chilli discard seeds

2 tablespoons fish sauce

2 tablespoons of lime juice

2 teaspoons of palm sugar grated

Small handful of mixed leaves per plate

Crushed hazelnuts


Slice the roast beef into lengthwise strips

Rinse bean sprouts under fresh water and let drain

Finely grate carrot

Finely slice capsicum, onion & eschallots (green & white, discard top part)

Chop cucumber

Finely chop mint, coriander & chilli

Add all ingredients into a large salad bowl

Mix together fish sauce, lime juice & palm sugar

Pour over salad and toss well

Sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts

Serving suggestion

Arrange mixed leaves on each plate and top with salad.


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