Affordable Organics – Which fruit and vegetables safer or riskier?

Choosing organic produce – Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen  Berries - strawberries raspberries

Watching your budget?  Certain produce is more exposed to pesticides and herbicides than others.

The health benefits of including lots of fruit and vegetables in your meals, regardless of whether you can afford to buy organics outweighs the risk of exposure to pesticides.  However, minimising exposure is better.

According to Environmental Working Group, if you can only afford to buy some organic produce focus on items listed on the dirty dozen list, . Even after washing pesticides persist.  90% of all strawberries contained pesticides.

Buy in season  Prices will be lower and you will maximise nutrient content.

  Dirty Dozen


  Clean Fifteen









  Cherry tomatoes






   Melons- cantaloupe




  Hot peppers – chilli


   Egg plant
















  Strawberries & other berries    Onions


  Kale / collard greens


  Capsicum   Papaya


  Summer squash


  Sweet peas
    Sweet potatoes


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