Putting on Weight? Go “Dry July” to drop the kilos.

It’s the last day of June and Winter is really upon us in Sydney where I live.  This morning was the coldest day in 66 years, recording minus five degrees celsius in outer Sydney.

At times like this it is tempting to enjoy all those energy dense foods like shepherd’s pie with a big glass of red wine or more to accompany it followed by a sticky date puddings with cream and custard on these Wintery nights.  Before you know it the weight piles on and the thought of wearing anything less than the Abdominable Snowman’s furcoat to cover our sins, fills us with horror.

A good way to help to shed or prevent some of those kilos piling on is simply to stop drinking, at least for a while.  Dry July is a fundraising campaign which you join and give up alcohol for the month of July.  It’s a great way to give you the extra incentive to say no to that alcholic drink and all for a worth while cause.

In addition to reducing your kilojoule intake, giving up alcohol can also

  • improve the quality of your sleep
  • clear your mind
  • improve your mood
  • decrease fatty liver
  • help you say “No” to second helpings and temptations that pile on more kilos.

So what’s stopping you? Don’t be a sad puppy.  

Get happy and go to   http://www.dryjuly.com NOW and sign up.

Want to find ways to eat more healthily with hearty nourishing food that won’t make you look at your body with despair?

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