Seasonal Eating – Persimmons

Have you ever tried a persimmon?

They are in season at the moment are delicious and can be bought rather cheaply.

There are a couple of different types on the market but the most versatile if the Japanese Fuyu persimmon. This fruit can be eaten whilst still firm like an apple, although you need to peel the skin off, or you can wait until it fully ripens and eat it when the flesh is very sweet and soft.

A simple dessert when ripe is to freeze the flesh and eat it like a sorbet. My favourite way to eat this fruit though is in a salad. The sweetness of the fruit contrasts beautifully with bitter green leaves. Why not try it for yourself. It is a great accompaniment to all types of barbecued fish, chicken or lamb.

Persimmon Salad ( in season late summer/ autumn)

Serves 2


• 1 Persimmon – choose firm orange fruit free of bruises with green semi pliable caps

• 1 bunch of rocket, watercress, endive or other bitter type salad leaf

• ¼ Spanish onion

•1 tblspn shaved reggiano parmigano or pecorino (sheep) cheese

• 1 tblspn toasted almonds


• 1 tblspns Flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil

• 1/3 tblspn balsamic vinegar

• 1/8 tspn raw honey

• salt & pepper to taste


Wash and dry salad leaves and toss together with finely sliced onion

Cut around stem and remove from persimmon, peel off skin and slice through, holding on side to create star pattern .

Arrange persimmons on top of salad

Combine Dressing ingredients in a jar and shake well Drizzle over salad

Sprinkle shaved cheese and nuts over and serve immediately.

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