Autumn Check up Time

How often do you get your car serviced?

Just like your car,  your body also needs regular servicing.

Timing a checkup with the change of seasons is a good way to remember when it’s time for your “body service”.

It’s Time to Detox!

The chill of Autumn has slipped back into the air over the last couple of nights so I thought I would contact you and check in to see how you are feeling.

The changes of the seasons are a perfect time to cleanse the system and to adjust your eating habits to nourish your body with food for the upcoming weather.

The cold and flu season is also just around the corner and it is now that you need to be building up your immune system to ward off the winter bugs that are approaching.

Your gut health plays a key role in supporting your immune system.

Have you slipped back into making poor food choices?

Are you feeling tired, sluggish or stressed?

Experiencing headaches?

Bloating and discomfort?

Skin breakouts?

What you decide to eat can enhance or severely impact health.

Contact us now

Whether you feel you just need an “Autumn Clean” or if you would like to get winter ready or to discuss any health or weight issues you may be experiencing.

Likewise, if you know anyone who could benefit from having a chat with me please send through a link to this website.

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