Sick of catching every bug going around town?

Hannah discovered given the right nutrients her body really could heal itself. 

“I began to see Susan Kath about several months ago. As a performer it was essential to be in the best of health and rely on my voice for singing and speaking. My immune system was very weak, I was constantly getting colds, sore throats and even tonsilitis! I was tired and lacking in energy. After my first consultation with Susan I had so many solutions, remedies and recipes even to help me boost my immune system and my general health and well being. In the first two weeks after my consultation I instantly felt 110% better. The best thing for me is that now if I do get a cold or feel a sore throat coming on I have a solution to act on it straight away and feel better in 5 minutes rather than taking time to rest. I have so much energy, I wake up feeling refreshed and I have lost a few kilos as well! Knowing what is going on in your body is so empowering and really gave me a new out look on eating, exercise, health and life in general!”

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  

Dread dealing with sick colleagues at work or children bringing home germs?

Imagine breezing through Winter well, full of energy & vigour.

“Prevention is better than cure”, an old saying but true but if you feel like your coming down with something acting quickly can often prevent if developing.   Call now to get your immunity first aid kit so that you’re ready to act and book in to find out how you can boost your immunity to help stop getting sick.

Get your immunity first aid kit & banish bugs before they they knock you over.

Call now to book a 30 minute and get your personal immunity first aid kit so you can stop those lurgies in their tracks 

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