Surviving the festive season

You’ve been working really well to shed those winter kilos and get summer fit but the party and festive season is on your door step.  Trying to lose weight during this period is almost an impossible ask if you you want to partake in the festivities.  There are however some strategies, which I have listed for you,  to help you maintain and move forward into the new year positively.  Go forth and enjoy, armed with your secret weapons.

7 Secrets to Surviving the Silly Season

1)    Make your first drink water. Mindlessly sip water and consciously drink alcohol. Set a limit to the number.

2)    Eat something healthy before you start snacking or drinking.

3)    Savour a seafood celebration over a traditional meal, simply grilled or barbecued served with lots of lovely salads.

4)    Finger food – set ground rules e.g.

  1. Whether your weakness is savoury or sweet, set some limits.
  2. I am going to have ……no. (say 4) of what is offered.
  3. I will stick to vegetarian options (usually lower calorie choices).
  4. I will avoid anything fried or pastry based.
  5. I will choose only fresh or vegetable canapés

5)    Don’t forget portion size and balance – half fill your plate with salad or non starchy vegetables BEFORE you add the turkey, ham and roast veges

6)    Desserts – choose fruit based desserts and cakes, e.g. fresh seasonal fruit, summer berry pudding, apple tart

7)    If you’re going to cheat CHEAT GOOD – Take two fish oil capsules before eating or drinking to reduce inflammation.



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