2018 – “Time’s up”

Today I chose to wear black just like many Women attending the Golden Globes in support of the Time’s Up campaign against sexual harassment and gender inequity.

This campaign deserves support as these high profile Women are using their presence to create a groundswell of change not only in their own industry but by creating a Legal Fund to free Women in industries who rarely have a voice such as in hospitality, nursing, etc., who are often subjected to sexual harassment and inequality and unable to free themselves from the situation.

Why is this campaign important to me?

Like many Women who have spoken out I too can claim (unfortunately)  #metoo having been subjected to harassment by Men who wielded their power over me when I was young and vulnerable and poorly paid.

Even more so I speak up now because I see so many clients who struggle to gain control of their health, eating patterns and their self-love due to historical emotional and or physical abuse.  Often without even realizing it, they have built an armour to protect themselves from external threats and withdrawn to the comfort of being in control of their food intake. Whether this manifests as excess weight or deprivation, it may give short-term comfort, but distorts their image and love for themselves and may lead to serious health issues.

So my wish for us all is that the “Time’s up” campaign is as successful as the “It’s Time” campaign, in 1972, that lead to the election of Gough Whitlam as Prime Minister and  equality for all Australians to access free tertiary education; a fundamental shift that  allowed more Women to have the chance to study, build careers and be independent.

Let’s make 2018 the time to take the next step towards true gender equality for ALL on every level.


“Time’s Up”.

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