Sauteed mushrooms with kale

Serves 2


250g swiss brown mushrooms – quartered

4 shitake mushrooms – remove stems and slice

1 leek cut lengthise & sliced in 3mm thick white & tender green leaves

1 clove garlic minced

2 tspns parsley

1 tspn fresh thyme

1 tblspn coconut or macadamia oil or organic butter or ghee

2 cups of baby kale


Warm saucepan on cooktop.

Add all ingredients except leaves to pan and sautee for 5-7minutes until tender.

Serve on bed of shredded or baby kale or spinach

Try mixtures of other types of mushrooms, like enochi, pine, king brown, oyster etc.

Enjoy on it’s own or top with a poached egg and you’ll be satisfied for hours.


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