Feeling Fabulous

How We Work? –  Individuals

At your first appointment, your goals will be discussed and reviewed in relation to your health and lifestyle and your current eating pattern will be discussed.

If there are any tests required, referrals will be issued and you will normally be requested to keep a detailed eating plan until your next visit. Individual advice and eating plans tailored to your needs will be issued at your next consultation, in line with your goals whether they include improved health and/or weight management as well as promoting a sense of wellbeing.

We help clients adjust their eating patterns and teach you ways to make nutritious meals quickly and easily, whether catering for one person, busy couples or families. Advice on making wise choices when dining out is also offered – vital for those with busy lives.

We will also give you handy tips and strategies to help keep you focused on achieving your goals and controlling temptations, particularly when managing weight.

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