Boosting brain health

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Concerned about your brain health?  

Preventative treatment is always the best approach to avoiding disease.  Up until recently if you were at risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease the common response from your doctor was to “Go home and get your affairs in order”.  However, there is hope!

As an integrative naturopathic nutritionist Susan Kath was trained in December 2016 and is a registered Practitioner in the Bredesen ReCODE protocol  the first program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline, designed by World leading neurologist Dr Dale Bredesen, the results are showing that Alzheimers disease and dementia can be reversed. If your interest is piqued I’d recommend reading   “The End Of Alzheimers, the first program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline” written by Dr Bredesen.

Your brain is continually breaking down and building new neurons and connections.  IF you’re interested in knowing more please contact us. Understanding and correcting the causes of what is affecting your brain health can be revealed by the ReCODE protocol with treatment personalised to your unique requirements.

The End Of Alzheimers